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With so many choices of ink in the digital ink market, selecting the best product for a certain work or piece of machinery is no easy task.

Ricoh print head

This print head is real industry type,is one of most Cost-effective print head on the market.Specially the new Recho Gen5 print head, with 7pl ink drop, 60khz ignition frequency, printing printing fast and high quality. variable ink drop technology, Grayscale make the printing more stable and smooth.

With stainless steel for under plate, the print head is crash-proof,not effect by the environment (constant temperature and circuit insulation system)

Grayscale means in single print head, can print different size(Volume, diameter) ink drop.its working method is in single nozzle ,through controlling the vibrating of piezoelectric, In a very short period of time successive ejected a few small drops,by a few small droplets dissolved into a large drop before they detached from nozzle, So that the picture to achieve high-definition beauty.

Konica print head

Konica print head are widely recognized around the world, konica 512i/1024i also widely used on UV flatbed printers. Konica nozzle is slightly better than Epson nozzle, belonging to the second level in the nozzle, mainly for outdoor wide advertising. Konica nozzle hole, dot thick, suitable for some do not require the accuracy of the pattern of inkjet. Konica print head are full-sealed , dust-proof, water -proof,double ink tube, ink flu pressure is even, make the printing quality stable.but Print accuracy not high enough, and print head cost is high. 

Epson DX5

Dx5 print heads are widely used on UV flatbed printer, advantage is that resolution is high,(1440*1440dpi) printing quality is good, but Correspondingly printing speed is not fast as compared to other print heads , for the ink drop is 3.5pl , ignition is 18khz .but it is still popular in the market. Most important is :print head cost is lower then other print heads, you can get a UV printer with less money and start your business , although the DX5 print heads are easy block, and life time is short.The stability of the use of the photo machine is relatively good.



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