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When you choose to use a large format digital printer, I think you should also know varnish besides the printer itself. Because varnish is often used, especially in UV series printers due to its specific advantages. As the following you can see:


  • The most obvious advantage is varnish contains UV light stabilizers which enables to reduce fading, yellowing, cracking, peeling, flaking and something like these. Making it is a smart choice to print varnish on images that clients need to display for the gallery.

  • Varnish also can simplify the procedure of cleaning and handling a large digital printed image. Because varnish can make a print water-resistant but actually not waterproof. For example, you can post the varnish-cured image near a fountain. As for the limit of protection, test it for yourself.

  • Varnish offers a similar look as lamination, but it is much cheaper in fact. It’s a good way to bring more profits.

  • Besides the all above, varnish can be printed on a certain area of a print, such as shadows or highlight, called spot varnishing and we can compare it with spot color printing, which can offer the print a feel of quality.

So many advantages have been listed, you will surely want print varnish on images, right? 

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