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Adding a Flatbed UV Printer can be a great way to grow your business, but buying a machine that doesn’t meet your current or future needs can be very frustrating, wasting both time AND money.

A little homework upfront when choosing your flatbed uv printer will help you make the right choice.

Important Questions Before you Buy a UV-LED Printer

Some fundamental questions to ask up front before you even start looking at machines would be:

  • What do you want to print and how many do you want to print at once? Size Matters!

  • Can you set yourself apart by printing DEEP items? (Flatbed UV Printer like the iU600s print the tops of assembled, awards, etc).

  • Is space restricted? (Even small format flatbed UV-LED Printers take up space. Can you spare the room)

By answering these questions you can quickly begin to reduce down the list of printers to choose from.

The Important Parts of OWNING and OPERATING a Flatbed UV Printer

By answering the questions above you should have pared down your options to a few machines or maybe even less.  So now you can start digging a bit deeper.

Here are the next wave of questions to ask related to how fast you can be up and running, what the overall capabilities are and what it will cost you over time:

  • Training and Installation – is it provided? What does that entail?

  • Technical Support – do you feel confident that the company you’re buying from can not only help keep you running, but can be a problem solving partner over time.

  • Software – the Compress UV Printers all come with a RIP software that performs some vital functions in the operating of your machine and the cost of the output. Is it included?

  • Cost of inks

  • Realistic productivity of the machine

  • Machine cost with everything you will need to get started?