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Retro-Reflective Printable Media


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The following describes the different series of retro-reflective media available: • Retro-Reflective Printable Media – WhiteRetro-reflective White comes in both Flex and Adhesive.It is the result of combing the retro-reflective lens onto printable PVC and manufactured into printable rolls. It does not require special printers or inks and hence suitable for most digital inkjet printers using solvent (or mild-solvent) inks. It is also possible to silkscreen on the media. The white printable surfaces ensure that graphics and images printed are true to life and both sharp and vivid.• Retro-Reflective Printable Media – Multi-AngleAs the Retro-Reflective Multi-Angle provides a wider reflective angle compared to the White series, it is extremely useful for advertisements that are sited and orientated parallel to roads or streets. Because of its wide-angle properties, retro-reflectivity of the advertisement printed on the Multi-Angle can be seen even if viewers are not adjacent to the advertisement. Therefore, it also suitable for advertisement on walls, corporate / office signs, or for the X-stand.• Retro-Reflective Printable Media – StardustThe Stardust series was created to add an additional shimmering (literally) to our retro-reflective White series. It is to provide a lively and attractiveness to images or graphics printed on the Retro-Reflective Stardust. It is highly suitable for images or graphics such as advertisements for cosmetics, beauty products or body care, whereby models are used.• Retro-Reflective Printable Media – Fluro The Fluro series main colors include the fluro-red, fluro-yellow, fluro-green and fluro-orange. These 4 highly noticeable colors are the usual colors where the need to attract attention is a priority. Coupled with the retro-reflectivity, the Fluro series is truly a must for an eye-catching promotional advertisement!



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