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Size 1.8m

Print Head Epson DX5

Resolution 144dpi (2880dpi Maximum)

Speed 50sqm/h max

Color CMYK

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Why many customers like Epson Dx5 head? Because Epson Dx5 head compatible all type ink, even with the general thermal transfer ink, the nozzle can accept. The use of stable, photo machines the fifth generation of EPSON nozzle technology is mature manipulation. Print output accuracy is high, the speed is fast, so that is why many domestic photo machines are in use Piezo print head.

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I. This eco solvent printer equipped with Epson DX5 print heads, standard printing with double heads to meet the demand of high resolution and faster speed.

2. We have put this eco solvent printing machine through different quality tests, which is stable and competent enough for mass production requirement.

3. This eco solvent printer equipped with intelligent infrared hearer and fan drying system.

4. This eco solvent printer adopts aluminium-alloy girder, which ls the strongest and smoothest than other metal materials, which ensure high precision priming quality.

5. As a top quality Eco solvent printer, E1800-DX5 adopts the 20mm width linear r guide rails with double-slider and sound off function, more durable and reliable for high precision printing.


6. This eco solvent printer owns strong heavy-duty machine body (double stands and feet composite without any shake during printing} ensures stable printing and long time working.

7. We provide automatic feed in and take up system for this eco solvent printer, especially adopts all- aluminium dual power take up system to carry and collect the whole weight of media more stably and easily. Professional soft film collecting and feeding system is optional too.

8. This eco solvent printer equipped with intelligent media sensor that always tests media before media is going to running out.

9. Anti-collision system was also equipped on this eco solvent printer. When the sensor installed on the both sides of the carriage, which automatic detect aj1y force on the carriage way going, the     carriage will initiate an immediate stop to protect the print heads from unexpected damage.

I0. Automatic capping system is easy operation and maintenance for our eco solvent printer.

11.  Bulk ink supply system is standard option for this eco solvent printer, which is setting on the top of printer, easy to monitor ink level and easy ink refill.


12.  This eco solvent printer adopts USB 2.0 interface control system that get better large data transfer and anti-signal interference. Otherwise, it is also supporting windows7/64bir system.

13.  This eco solvent printer adopts metal optical cable, which connects from mainboard to carriage board to make sure fast and stable data transit.

14.  This eco solvent printer equipped with two original leadshine motor control, which provide more stable quality and better efficiency during priming.


15.  This eco solvent printer adopts new variable size droplet technology, six or more variable droplet printing size provide the highest printing resolution up to 2880dpi.

16.  The smallest droplet can reach to l.5pl and the maximum can reach to 27pl, which presenting perfect printing quality.

17.  As the top quality eco solvent printer in china, E1800-DX5 also adopts widened 65mm multi-touch pinch roller system instead of 40mm pinch roller, which is 25mm wider than normal pinch roller.

Why should you choose Us?

1. Our machine adopts Heavy Duty machine body (Double stands, 1.8meter net weight is 260kgs,2.5meter net weight 450kg, 3.2meter net weight is 570kgs) Ensure long time stable working. Some cheap machine with very simple body to reduce cost, very thin and light, it's difficult to handle heavy media working for long time.

2. About beam: Our machineadopts good quality stronger and flatter beam is made of one complete length Aluminum profile, margin for error should be less than 5S on our machine, so it can ensure machine printing high precision, long life time and printing stability. The beam of other cheap machine is made of Sheet metal bending, it’s easy to bend become deformed, the margin for error should be more than 50s, it can't ensure printing precision. 


Ours                                                                               Other's      

1.jpg                      2.jpg                

3. Our machine Adopts Automatic capping system for easy operation and maintenance. We use high quality capping system. some cheap company just use very simple system and plastic capping system.


Our's                                                                                           Other's

image.png            image.png

4. Our machine adopts Excellent Germany Igus Data Cables, designed specifically for making stress-resistant data connections in moving machinery and cable carrying systems, this cable is perfect for preventing severed connections and system shutdowns. Some cheap machines use very simple flat cable to reduce cost. 

5. Our machine adopts Continuous ink supply system, with Big Bulk ink supply system so, you can fill ink by yourself. 


7.jpg       8.jpg

6. Our machine adopts ink tank without ink needle, Ink pipe insert into ink tank directly instead of ink needle, it avoids ink tank broken when user change it, it avoids air leaking after ink tank be used for long period.


7. Our machine adopts Anti-collision performance, When the sensor installed on the both sides of the carriage detect that the position of the print head is lower than the thick medium, the carriage will initiate an immediate stop to protect the print head. Other cheap machines don't have this function



9. Our machine can use 4 different ink drop, Droplet size is optional at operation Panel of printer


10. Our machine adopts Paper Out Sensor , It give alarm when media is finished.


11.Adopts USB 3.0 interface for better data transfer and anti-signal interference. Most of other machine just use USB2.0 now, it’s slow to transfer data.


12. Adopts the latest program Intelligent Error Auto-Detection boards , it can guide user to find solution very quickly.


13. Our machine has a Hi-tech heating system


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3) Training Service:

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We Provide Lifetime Warranty For All MT Industry Machine Models with Continuously Ink Order!


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We have engineer team of professional engineers who speak English very well, specially for providing technical support for oversea customers, as soon as the machine arrives, our engineer will contact customer to provide suppport on installation and operation, whenever you have any problem or doubt, you can just talk with our engineer through Skype, Whatsapp or Wechat, they will guide you step by step. They can operate on same models of machine and take photos or videos to tell customer how to solve the problem. Through TeamViewer, our engineer can remote   control your computer so that can guide you easier in the software.It is the fastest and effectiveway of technical support for oversea customers.  We also can send our engineer to customer fo onsite service and training.

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940 1.jpg


Machine Type

High Capacity Eco Solvent Printer

Print technology

Micro Piezo Drop-on-demand

Print head

Epson DX5

Max Print size


Print height



1440dpi (2880dpi maximum)


2pass 50sqm/h;

4pass 26qm/h;

6pass 14sqm/h

Ink Model

Eco Solvent Ink



Drying system

Temperature digital controlling heating,   front, middle and back (optional)

Working process

windows xp/ windows7

Data port

2.0 USB

File format

TIFF, Postscript 3, JPEG, EPS, PDF, AI



Locating mode


Operation environment






Media Handle

Automatic feeder, Automatic take   up(optional)


Adhesive PP paper, Photo paper, PP, Canvas,   PET, Vinyl, etc. Eco solvent materials.    

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