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2 Station-TX800


Size 2 Station

Print Head Epson TX800

Resolution 144dpi (2880dpi Maximum)

Speed 30 pieces/h


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Main Features


1. Without edition, printer is fast, low cost, a print, instant, low-power, pollution-free production technology, to break the limitation of traditional production of color and printing, can print any type.

2. Printing white + color printing composite process integration design, brunet fabrics printing cost reduction, improve the capacity.

3. The Y-axis adopts rack and rail transmission system, and the printing precision is higher and more stable.

4. The length of the whole machine can be infinitely extended, add 1.5 meters per section.

5. The frame adopts one piece of welding, CNC whole processing, the structure is stable, and the precision is high.

6. Optional 2 or 4 print sprinklers, high printing speed, high precision and stable operation.

7. It is widely used in ready-to-wear, clothing, cloth, etc

Easy Operation: full color gradient color, can be printed completely once

High washing fastness :( 3-4 degree) no fade, no hand’s feeling excellent breathability

Sunshine color fastness:4-5 degree( meaning color will not change under 2-3 year sunshine)

Environmental ink: Fully meet the EU’s highest testing standards

Support different kinds of media

Equip with Flatbed drying system, 180 degrees and 30s heating

THK Linear Guide Rail

Our THK 20mm width Linear Guide Rail with two slide blocks that can efficiently increase rigidity and torsion resistance, higher precision and mute silence during printing process. The THK Micro Guide Rail and Screw Rod are introduced to carriage lifting system to deliver easier adjusting and higher precision printing.

 THK.jpgpart 4.jpg

Ink Supply System

Bulk Ink Supply System with 7.5w ink is available, just ease you mind from worrying filling ink again and again, Automatic Ink Circulation System is installed for white ink to prevent printhead clog from ink sediment and ensure consistent long-term image quality

part 2.jpg

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Machine Type

High Capacity T-Shirt Printer

Print head

Epson TX800

Plate size

30cm x 40cm x 2/ 40cm x 60cm x 2/ 60cm x  80cm x 2

Print height



1440dpi (2880dpi maximum)


30 pieces/h

Ink Model

Textile Pigment Ink



Drying system

Heat press device.

Working process


Data port

3.0 USB

File format

TIFF, Postscript 3, JPEG, EPS, PDF, AI



Operation environment







Directly printing on various kinds of   t-shirts and textile products( including men women t-shirt, children’s   clothing, towel fabric, Sheets and Pillow covers, Shopping bags, Aprons,   Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Clothing of different sizes and thicknesses, etc.

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