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Size 3m x 2m

Printhead Konica 1024i

Resolution 1440dpi

Speed 64m²/h


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Main Features

        - Japan and UK imported print Head for Industrial Production 

-Speed up to 64 square meter per hour.

-3D Embossing effects printing technology available.

-Double UV lamps with Water Cooling.

-CMYK white and varnish optional for glossy surface and high quality printing



White ink circulation system to avoid white ink precipitating 

Detachable bed to hold the media like Leather, foam board, wood etc.

Auto Height Detection technology to detect print media thickness automatically.

Automatic Anti-Static design to avoid dust ink drops flying.

Advanced Print head Anti-Crash System to avoid the risk of a collision between printer carriage and material

Adopting Konica 1024i print heads maximum ensurs high speed printing. Under high quality printing mode, it also can print 64sqm/hr at the same time. In order to further improve the printing quality, using 180mm steel quenching processing, ensures the head carriages accurate and high speed printing. The new double lead screw stepper drive system


Waveform control technology of print head can realize the intelligent dynamic adjustment of ink drop injection frequency, in order to ensure that every ink drop can inject accurately and uniformly in the corresponding position of the material


THK Linear Guide Rail

Our THK 30mm width Linear Guide Rail with two slide blocks that can efficiently increase rigidity and torsion resistance, higher precision and mute silence during printing process. The THK Micro Guide Rail and Screw Rod are introduced to carriage lifting system to deliver easier adjusting and higher precision printing.


New Variable Size Droplet Technology

The New Variable Droplet Control Technology achieves precisely control each dot for beautifully sharp image and stunning seamless gradation that makes the printing more delicate and accurate. Because of the droplet size are from 3.5pl to 35pl and the maximum 1440dpi resolution help you to deliver outstanding image quality. So that, there are more detailed and smoother gradient printouts can be achieved by this technology. It means the printing quality is greatly enhanced and accelerates the printing speed too. Therefore, more and more efficient print jobs can be accomplished and satisfy even the most discerning customers, thus our UV Flatbed Printer enhance the productivity!


Automatic Anti-collision System

Our Printer integrated with the Anti-collision Sensor in each side of printhead carriage to prevent the printhead from unexpected damage. Those sensors automatically detect the printing plate or any force on the way going. It prevents any possible strike to the UV printheads.


Ink Supply System

Bulk Ink Supply System with 7.5w ink is available, just ease you mind from worrying filling ink again and again, Automatic Ink Circulation System is installed for white ink to prevent printhead clog from ink sediment and ensure consistent long-term image quality




Motor and Media Motorized System

Our UV Flatbed Printer equipped with Original Fuji Servo Motor ensures accurate and stable X-axis motion movement. In addition, Dual Motorized Media Take-up and Feeding System for broad media choice, easily handle heavy-duty media.


Platform Suction Control System

There is Platform Control System equip on printer can adjust and control the suction to ensure various materials remain in the best condition on the platform surface.


Why Should you choose US

1. About beam: Our machine adopts good quality stronger and flatter beam is made of one complete length Aluminum profile, margin for error should be less than 5S on our machine, so it can ensure machine printing high precision, long life time and printing stability. The beam of other cheap machine is made of Sheet metal bending, It's easy to bend become deformed, the margin for error should be more than 50S, It can't ensure printing precision.

2. About guide rail: Our machine adopts Japanese THK 30mm low noise guide rail with dual sliders, more durable and reliable for high precision print. some cheap machines use Hiwin guide to reduce cost, but THK guide is much better than Hiwin guide rail

3. About belt: Our machine adopts Italy MEGADYNE Belt that has strong anti-abrasion force, to ensure its ability to maintain good running at a high load Drive.

4. About Pressure rolls: Our machine adopts Excellent roller system to ensure smooth feed media. Some cheap machines use very simple roll to reduce cost.

5. Our machine Adopts Automatic capping system for easy operation and maintenance. We use high quality capping system. some cheap company just use very simple system and plastic capping system.

6. Our machine adopts Excellent Germany Igus Data Cables, Designed specifically for making stress-resistant data connections in moving machinery and cable carrying systems, this cable is perfect for preventing severed connections and system shutdowns.

7. Our machine adopts Continuous ink supply system, Big Bulk ink supply system is optional, you can fill ink by yourself.

8. Our machine adopts ink tank without ink needle, Ink pipe insert into ink tank directly instead of ink needle, it avoid ink tank broken when user change it, It avoid air leaking after ink tank be used for long period.

9. Our machine adopts Led lights  over the printing platform, so user can printing test and printing quality clearly.

10. Our machine adopts Anti-collision performance, When the sensor installed on the both sides of the carriage detect that the position of the print head is lower than the thick medium, the carriage will initiate an immediate stop to protect the print head.

11. Our machine can use 4 different ink drop, Droplet size is optional at operation Panel of printer

12. Our machine adopts Paper Out Sensor , It give alarm when media is finished.

13.Our machine adopts USB 3.0 interface for better data transfer and anti-signal interference. 

14. Our machine adopts the latest program Intelligent Error Auto-Detection boards , it can guide user to find solution very quickly.

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Machine Type

High Capacity flatbed Printer

Print technology

Intelligent variable ink drops technology,   grey scale print technology

Print head

Konica 1024i (max.8 Heads)

Max Print size

3m x 2m

Print height



1440dpi 7-21 pl variable ink drops,   photo degree output quality, minimum 2 pt letter


4pass 64sqm/h;

6pass 48qm/h;

8pass 32sqm/h

Ink Model

UV Ink



Vacuum Table

Hard oxydic vacuum absorption platform. Mechanical drive    

Drying system


Working process

windows xp/ windows7

Data port

3.0 USB

File format

TIFF, Postscript 3, JPEG, EPS, PDF, AI



Locating mode


Operation environment




Table height





Glass, Acrylic wood sheet, Ceramic, Metal   sheet, PVC board, Corrugated plate, Plastic etc. Nearly everything with a   flat surface.  

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