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Size 2.5m

Print Head Ricoh Gen5

Resolution 1440dpi

Speed 48sqm/h

Ink Color CMYK LM LC W V

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Our UV Multifunctional printer with Ricoh Gen5 comes with the highest speed. It has both 7pl heads with grayscale printing,the maximum resolution is 1440dpi, it has an amazing printing speed of 48sq m/h with 2 heads, just because it has such a superior performance. This multifunctinal printer is the best printer to start your small printing business.

UV Multifunctional Printer 1.jpg

Powerful Features:

Powerful features:


1. Using guide belt for feeding

2.Adopt imported parts, like THK guide rail, Panasonic motor, ONK belt, Igus chain

3.High precision of steel beam to ensure the carriage to run with high resolution

4.Powerful sucking system on the platform to make the step more stable

5.UV lamp, dry immediately. No deformation, no crack. long working life

6.Japanese SMC air circuit system to make the ink supply more stable

7.Negative pressure ensures smooth printing in different environments

8.Neutral UV ink can be cured on all kinds of materials, strong adhesion



l. Carriage detect the height automatically, adjust the height automatically,and  carriage automatic anti-collision

2.Automatic ink supply, Automatic mixing for white ink. automatic alarm when lack of ink


3) Multifunctional: Can print roll to roll materials, also can print hard materials


4) Environmental: Ink is environmental, doesn’t' t contain VOC (volatile organic compound)

Excluding the use of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the UV curable ink. The ink is environmentally friendly and no smell 

5) Wide applicaton:

  1. Can print roll to roll materials: flex banner, vinyl, wallpaper, backlit canvas and so on

  2. Can print hard materials: Acrylic, aluminous board, foam boar, stailess steel, glass

Main Features

Imported Ricoh Gen5 Head for Industrial Production 

Speed up to 48square meter per hour.

3D Embossing effects printing technology available.

Double UV lamps.

CMYK LM LC W V  optional for high quality printing

White ink circulation system to avoid white ink precipitating 

Detachable bed to hold the media like Leather, foam board, wood etc.

With advanced Automatic Height Detector which can detect the material thickness and find a good height   position for best quality printing

Drawer-type UV lamp cassette makes it easy to replace the UV lamp 

Automatic Anti-Static design to avoid dust ink drops flying.

Advanced Print head Anti-Crash System to avoid the risk of a collision between printer carriage and material

Easy operation menu. User-friendly

THK Linear Guide Rail


Our THK 20mm width Linear Guide Rail with two slide blocks that can efficiently increase rigidity and torsion resistance, higher precision and mute silence during printing process. The THK Micro Guide Rail and Screw Rod are introduced to carriage lifting system to deliver easier adjusting and higher precision printing.


New Variable Size Droplet Technology

The New Variable Droplet Control Technology achieves precisely control each dot for beautifully sharp image and stunning seamless gradation that makes the printing more delicate and accurate. Because of the droplet size are from 7pl to 27pl and the maximum 1440dpi resolution help you to deliver outstanding image quality. So that, there are more detailed and smoother gradient printouts can be achieved by this technology. It means the printing quality is greatly enhanced and accelerates the printing speed too. Therefore, more and more efficient print jobs can be accomplished and satisfy even the most discerning customers, thus our UV multifunctional Printer enhance the productivity!


High Precision Platform and Multi-touch Roller

We adopt High Precision Platform for our UV Roll to Roll Printer to ensure the exquisite printing. Its intensive Multi-touch Pinch Roller structure provides balance pressure to supports the roll material move forward precisely! It also can provide more accurate media feeding for wide format and continuous printing.


Automatic Anti-collision System

Our multifunctional  Printer integrated with the Anti-collision Sensor in each side of printhead carriage to prevent the printhead from unexpected damage. Those sensors automatically detect the printing plate or any force on the way going. It prevents any possible strike to the UV printheads.

Ink Supply System


Bulk Ink Supply System is available, just ease you mind from worrying filling ink again and again, Automatic Ink Circulation System is installed for white ink to prevent printhead clog from ink sediment and ensure consistent long-term image quality


Motor and Media Motorized System

Our UV multifunctional Printer equipped with Original Fuji Servo Motor ensures accurate and stable X-axis motion movement. In addition, Dual Motorized Media Take-up and Feeding System for broad media choice, easily handle heavy-duty media.


Platform Suction Control System

There is Platform Control System equip on UV can adjust and control the suction to ensure various roll materials remain in the best condition to pass the platform surface.


UV multifunctional Printer is a very good option for business starters because of the Price tag and its wide variety of uses

Why Should you choose US

1. Our machine adopts Heavy Duty machine body(Double stands, 3.2meter(H3200) net weight is 1200kgs,3.2meter(3200) net weight 900kg, 6.8 meter(6800) net weight is 6500kgs,5.0meter(5300) net weight is 5800kgs) Ensure long time stable working. Some cheap machine with very simple body to reduce cost, very thin and light, it's difficult to handle heavy media working for long time.  

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Print technology

Micro piezo drop-on-demand

Print head

Ricoh Gen5

Print width



UV ink


1440dpi max


4pass 48sqm/h;

6pass 36qm/h;

8pass 24sqm/h

Locating mode




Media width


Media handle

Roll to roll & flatbed

Media types

KT board, PVC board, P;exiglass board, ceramic   board tile, Metal board, Leather etc. All flat materials and all roll to roll   materials

Print height


Drying system

UV light

File format

TIFF, Postscript 3,   JPEG, EPS, PDF, AI

Working platform

windows xp/ windows7



Power supply

50hz/60hz   220v(10%)20A, 4.5kV

Operation   environment






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